Spindle Drive Motor : ( CC2, CC3, ICBT)

Tire cord processing requires a motor of highest quality and reliability. The use of the most modern components is necessary. Our Company develops and provides you with the appropriate technology in Spindle Drive Motors like in different model CC2, CC3, ICBT. Top Quality Tire Cord Spindle is produced for Two-For-One Twisting Machines in a Highly Economical Manner. This Applies To Both Standards And To New Processes. By summing up our strengths such as process reliability, quality, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and user-friendliness, we fortify our customer’s market position and help them reach their aims.

  • Motor Spindle shaft is Steel alloy high resistance to stress and its surface hardened and grounded.
  • Aluminum Frame and end shield cover of motor is alloy with LM24 materials.
  • Storage Disk is alloy with LM24 Material and also with hard caroming plating process. So cord sleeping is smoothly.
  • Deflection guide, tube is very hard and smooth; it is molded with special ceramic material for long life.
  • All motor are winding with additional anti tracking protective coating of air draying varnish is applied on the winding over hangs; PTC Thermistor 130°c and insulation class F (155°c)
  • 2RS Deep grove ball bearing is filled with homogeneous, short fibred texture. It temperature range -40°c to 130°c and drop point >220°c.

No any R.P.M. reduction and no any vibration due to the Motor with rotating parts are dynamically balanced for smooth rotate.

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