“SONAL” Lift an upper traction unit machine is Developed from worm reduction gear units. This unit has been designed for the special purpose of this wear silence & smoothness is required.

Sleeve bearings are used in worm shaft with angular contact bearings are provided on wheel shaft for maximum load carrying capacity. Oil seals are not provided in gear box. All gears have limited backlash for lift operation. Backless adjustment facility is provided which makes machine life longer

Special care is taken for oil circulation so that ample quantity of oil reaches all sleeve bearings imparting longer life. These high quality unit offer maximum economy with minimum maintenance & require only periodic oil checking.

These motors are specially designed for lift for smooth starting & silent operation. Rotor is of Double cage copper bars & dynamically balanced Sleeve bearings are provided with self circulating oil system but without oil seals. It gives starting torque of 2 to 2.5 times the full load torque. Motor are suitable for 120 stats per hour. Oil recommended SAE-40 of Indian Oil Corporation.

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