Three Phase Motors

The technical specifications are advanced. So the motors are characterized with high quality and reliable performance. They are always applied to series of small machine tools, medical machine and scientific instruments etc. Meanwhile, Sonal Motors are available in International standard frame sizes. Built in robust grey cast iron housings dynamically balanced rotors and accurate control on the uniformity of the air gap minimize vibration and ensure low vibration levels. They are available in a wide range from 0.12 to 50 HP. They enjoy good fame in abroad and domestic market for their wonderful performance.


Range 0.125 to 50 HP
Frame Size 56 to 200L
Pole 2Pole Motors – 0.12 to 50 HP
4Pole Motors - 0.12 to 40 HP
6Pole Motors - 0.12 to 30 HP
8Pole Motors - 0.12 to 20 HP
Mounting Type B3 , B5 , B14
Duty S1 , S2 , S3 & S4
Insulation F , H( optional )
Protection IP44 , IP54 , IP55 , IP56
Supply Cond 415 +/- 6% , 50Hz +/- 3%
Ambient Temp 45 Degree C

Conformance to Standards

All motors comply with the following Indian and international standards:

Range 0.125 to 50 HP
IS 325 Three phase Induction motors-specification
IS:900 Code of practice for installation and maintenance of induction motors
IS 1231 Dimension of three-phase foot mounted A.C. Induction motors
IS 2223 Dimensions of flange mounted A.C. induction motors
IS:4029 Guide for testing three phase induction motors
IS:4691 Degree of protection provided by Enclosures for Rotating Electrical Machinery
IS:6362 Designation of methods of cooling for rotating electrical machines
IS 12065 Permissible limits of noise level for rotating electrical machines
IS 12075 Mechanical vibration of rotating electrical machines
IEC 60072 Dimension and output ratings of rotating electrical machines

Salient features of TEFC Standard Motors

  • Sonal motors can be continuously overloaded by 10% or can be used up to ambient temperature of 50°C. Temperature rise will be as per Class F limits
  • All motors are with degree of protection IP55
  • All motors up to 200L frame are designed for 50°C ambient
  • 2Z Bearings are standard up to 180L frame which are filled with high temperature grease suitable up to 140°C
  • Terminal boxes are large and can be rotated in steps of 90
  • Rotors are dynamically balanced with half key
  • All foot mounted motors are with integral cast feet
  • Outer bearing covers are integral with end shield / flange
  • Additional anti tracking protective coating of air drying varnish is applied on the winding overhangs
  • Cooling fans are of aerodynamic design resulting in low noise and are bi-directional
  • Standard Motors are suitable for mounting with any shaft orientation