High Quality Features

0.12 HP to 0.20 HP motors are available in 1.ph & 3.ph and also available clutch brake and without brake

Internal, stamping, rotor, bearing, clutch lining, and external frame, end shield cover are extra heavy duty and made out of the highest quality alu.dai cast material. This means Sonal H.H. motors last longer. “Sonal motors” extra torque allows for faster starts and fastest brake

Sonal motors feature built-in light taps, vibration free rotation, low temperature rise. Every motor is tested by penal. Single phase, 220 volt & Three Phase,440 volt, motors come with on-off switch inbuilt motor frame. Motor switch working with motor clutch lever

Sonal motors come in new simens grey stauncher color to match newest production of Sewing Machine Heads.


Like a house hold sewing machine, readymade garment sewing machine

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