Single Phase Motors

Single Phase Motors are used in variety of applications in households and small industrial sectors, where three phase power supply is not available. Single Phase motors are classified based on the type of starting mechanism. Widely used starting mechanisms are Split Phase Capacitor Start and Run Capacitor Start Induction Run & Capacitor Start Capacitor Run. Depending upon the application load characteristics, mounting suitability and cooling mechanisms, we have single phase motors in various output powers, constructions and enclosures in the product categories given below. We offer custom made motors to suit every existing and emerging application requirements in segments of domestic applications, farm equipments, medical & healthcare equipment, industrial and construction equipment. Motors are designed for specific applications in as per customer requirement by considering following major aspects.

  • 0.25 H.P. to 3.0 H.P. Motors are available.
  • Motors are available in cast iron body and also in metal body.
  • Models Available in 220V/110V, 60Hz
  • Load conditions: - Output, speed, duty cycle and Noise levels.
  • Field Conditions: - Supply conditions, temperature, humidity, vibration levels, dust / water Ingress etc.
  • Class F insulation with Class B Temperature Rise Design
  • High Efficiency, Long life motors
  • Heavy Duty, Ball Bearing.
  • High Starting Torque, Low Noise Design
  • Powder Coated Body
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified Plant
  • Low Temperature Rise
  • Low Voltage Operation Up to 180V
  • Preferred by all purpose machinery motor